The Best Swing On Tour: Louis Oosthuizen

Hello GolfSwingFreaks,

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This golf swing is so simple and effective, it is obvious why Louis won the British Open. I am just surprised he hasn’t won more. His putter must get cold, because his fundamentals and mental game are so solid.

Louis has a very neutral setup. His lines look parallel to his target line. His weight shifts slightly to the right on his backswing, then his right hip and shoulder turn up and back behind him. Pete Cowen is his instructor and calls this the spiral staircase, because the weight shifts from the left and up to the right, the right hip and shoulder move up and the left hip and shoulder move to the right. Then it is reversed on the downswing, the left side moves down from the ground up, then the left side moves up and around to the left. Louis sets the club very well at the top. It is almost as if he is just trying to gently set the shaft on a shelf at the top. The left wrist is slightly cupped, but very neutral, much like the wrist at address. Then he shifts his weight and clears his left side, down then up, to a balanced and full follow through. He hit his second shot at #9 at the Fry’s to about a foot, and I thought, wow, that is the best swing on tour, better blog about it. So, check out his swing by clicking on the link above, and comment below. If it is not the best swing, who’s is better?


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